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Our purpose...

In the health and care system in the North East and North Cumbria, we want to be the best at getting better – with continuous learning and improvement at the heart of everything we do, and in the way in which we work.
Through the sharing of learning, ideas, and good practice, and by trying new things together, we can find solutions to the challenges we face, and help each other to make a difference to the health of people living in our region.
Boost is here to support you on this journey, serving as a hub for innovation, idea-sharing, networking, and supporting improvement efforts.

Our approach...

Our approach prioritises continuous learning and improvement, aiming to excel in enhancing health and care services. Our plan includes:
  • Developing collective capabilities for learning and improvement

  • Cultivating system leadership that fosters learning and improvement

  • Establishing infrastructure for a partnership learning and improvement community in North East and North Cumbria

  • Connecting our stakeholders to learn together, both locally and globally

We collaborate with partners across the North East and North Cumbria to achieve improvements in seven priority areas, which are set out in our integrated care strategy 'Better health and wellbeing for all'.

Our approach emphasises learning, experimentation, and engagement, supported by a growing learning and improvement community and evolving infrastructure.

Getting to know Boost...

In September 2022 we started to form our learning and improvement community, bringing together people with a passion for improvement, innovation and change in health and care.
We've got lots of skills and expertise right across our communities through people with lived experience, family, carers and all of our health and care staff.

Our community provides a hub where we can connect, share experiences, and learn from one another. By fostering a culture of collective problem-solving and continuous improvement, we are pooling our expertise, ideas, and resources to find the best solutions to benefit all our communities in the North East and North Cumbria.

Explore why you should join… check out our films below.

Training & course info...

We offer a range of learning and development opportunities to support you in your role, as well as to help you grow and reach your full potential.

Most of our training and events are open to everyone working or volunteering within the North East and North Cumbria health and care system. This includes those in: primary care; councils; ICB; hospitals; the community; care homes; the third and voluntary sector; plus many more!


Pemberton House, Colima Avenue Sunderland Enterprise Park Sunderland, SR5 3XB

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