Discharge and Safe Transfer of Care Collaborative

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The purpose of our collaborative:

To improve the safety, experience and outcomes of patients being discharged from hospital and transferring their care.

We will do this by:
      • Learning together to share our our understanding of what works and doesn’t work.
      • Connecting and building relationships, sharing knowledge, and supporting each other.
      • Understanding how we can adapt and adopt good practice.
      • Testing out ideas that can lead to a positive difference.
      • Using our collective knowledge and experience to solve problems together.
Discharge and Safe Transfer of Care Collaborative

Following on from the successful Discharge Summit in March 2023 there is an enthusiasm to continue to work together to share great practice and continue to improve.

This was the catalyst to create our Discharge and Safe Transfer of Care Collaborative which is an active community of interest for all people across the NENC system to come together in an online space with a common purpose to improve transfer of care by:

  • sharing knowledge and learning around all things related to transfer of care - such as ideas, solutions, intelligence, and data
  • identifying new areas for improvement and spread what is already working in some areas
  • connect people together to build relationships to provide mutual support, problem solving and knowledge sharing
This collaborative is for anyone with an interest in improving transfers of care in the North East and North Cumbria – including all partners in our system, those with formal or informal roles, regional and national experts and those with lived experience

At our collaborative meeting in October, we were joined by Catherine Reay and Rachel Daurat, System Co-ordinators at South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust who presented 'Community focused care – how working together and education enhances the patient journey'. You can find a recording of this presentation below:

In November, Kerry Evans spoke to us about the National NHS & Care Volunteer Responder Scheme and challenged us to think differently about increasing capacity to support discharge. Catherine Huby (Regional Discharge Lead - North East & Yorkshire, NHS England) provided a short update from the region. Kelly Coulter (Senior Manager - Personalised Care Group, NHS England) spoke to us about personal health budgets for discharge.

During our December meeting, Kathryn Grayling (Director of People, Culture and OD, NENC ICB) gave us an update on Boost (our learning and improvement community). As a collaborative, we took the opportunity to take stock and reflect on our work so far. Kathryn also introduced a retro board to support the collaboration by keeping track of discussions, themes and actions. We then discussed the future focus of the collaborative.

The collaborative has decided that the three themes they would like to work on further are:
  • Role of third sector
  • Virtual wards
  • Drug changes on discharge

In January, we were joined by Paul Carruthers, Transfer of Care Hub Manager, North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust who presented to us, 'Co-production & delivery of D2A pathways, supporting safer transfers of care and ensuring to promote a Home First approach'.
We were also joined by Tom Dunkerton, Commissioning Manager, NHS North East and North Cumbria Integrated Care Board who presented to us, 'Making the most of acute care @ home (virtual wards) in an integrated urgent and emergency care system'

In our February session, we focused on the last of the three themes identified at the December collaborative meeting: Drug changes on discharge. We were joined by Anna Creber (Lead Pharmacist, Sunderland PCNs, SGPA and Senior Medicines Optimisation Pharmacist, NENC ICB) who presented: "Primary Care Medicines Discharge Hub". As we were  at the last of the series of six meetings booked in, we took the opportunity to recap on what we have done as a collaborative and evaluated the impact of this as a group.

If you would like to find out more about this collaborative, or have an idea for a new collaborative for the North East and North Cumbria health and care system, we would love to hear from you!

Our next collaboration event:

Date: TBC
Theme: TBC

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