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There are many benefits to being a member of the network:

As well as the opportunity to connect with like-minded peers, we can offer you Continuing Professional Development (CPD), engagement in supervision, sharing best practice, and advertising your biography to prospective coachees.

PLEASE NOTE: There is the expectation that members of our Network demonstrate regular and relevant CPD, and access and log regular coaching supervision with an appropriately qualified coach supervisor. Please see the 'CPD and supervision' section below for further information.
The Coaching Network
The scale of transformation required for the North East and North Cumbria health and care system is dependent on effective system leaders who nurture a collective leadership approach.

Coaching is recognised as one of the key enablers to accelerate capability, and promote the culture we aspire to create.

With this in mind, the North East and North Cumbria Health and Care Coaching Network was established to provide support to coaches working within the system, and to enable collaboration and sharing of best practice, ultimately working towards the development of a coaching culture through a range of opportunities.

We appreciate everyone has a different level of capacity, and therefore we offer two levels of membership to the Network, outlined in the table below:

*Entry level membership is available for coaches who would like to have full membership, but they are not currently active coaches – this status will be reviewed every 6 months.

Our standards

One of the key aims of the Network is that all of our coaches work to the same standards.

In order to support this, we are working closely with the North East and Yorkshire Leadership Academy (NEYLA) to ensure our coaching remains professional and of the highest quality.

Please see below for details of what we expect from our coaches:

Both Entry Level and Full Members

Full Members Only

  • Aim to have at least one coachee from the North East and North Cumbria health and care system at any one time, with a minimum of three coachees from the North East and North Cumbria health and care system per financial year
  • Facilitate a contracting meeting to set individual and organisational objectives prior to the commencement of a coaching relationship (utilising NEYLA documentation). It is best practice to develop a three-way contract with the coachee and their line manager, but at the very least, a discussion should be had regarding the line manager’s connection to the process
  • Maintain accurate data and record all coaching interventions
  • Demonstrate regular and relevant CPD
  • Access and log regular coaching supervision with an appropriately qualified coach supervisor 
  • Internal coaches (i.e. coaches employed in the North East and North Cumbria health and care system): provide coaching services with the explicit consent of your employing organisation
  • External coaches: maintain appropriate professional indemnity insurance
Your biography on the Boost website

Being part of the Network gives you the fantastic opportunity to have your biography advertised to prospective coachees in the North East and North Cumbria health and care system.

The bios of many of our Network members are freely available on our website, with the intention that individuals will browse these and select a coach who appears to be a good fit for them, before making contact with them directly.

If you would like your bio to be included on the Boost Website, please complete our coach bio form, and return to us.

If you would like any changes made to your existing bio (e.g. updating your contact email, or indicating whether you currently do or do not have capacity to take on coachees), please contact us.

Our documentation/templates

As a Network, we have agreed that we will practice in accordance with the Global Code of Ethics, as well as utilise the templates NEYLA has produced for the purposes of contracting, recording sessions, reflection etc. These are located the the blue box on the right-hand-side of this page, and can be downloaded at any time.

Communications and your coaching activity

If you are a full member of the Network (i.e. an active coach), we expect you to periodically provide information regarding your coaching activity – such as who you have been/are currently coaching, and how many hours of formal coaching you have undertaken with them (by ‘formal’ coaching we mean a contracted relationship with protected meeting time).

We do ask that all coaches in the Network please respond to communications, such as requests for information and event invitations, in a timely manner. Equally, we will reciprocate by striving to respond to any of your queries as quickly as possible.

Feel free to contact us – we are available during office hours Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

CPD and supervision
There is the expectation that all full members of the Network demonstrate regular and relevant CPD (minimum of two sessions per year), and that you access and log regular coaching supervision with an appropriately qualified coach supervisor (minimum of one session per quarter, i.e. four times per year).

We will facilitate your development as a coach by arranging some CPD and supervision sessions, but it is your responsibility to prioritise these in your diaries as much as possible. If you are regularly unable to attend the sessions provided, we expect that you will make alternative arrangements to quality assure your coaching practice – we will monitor attendance at the sessions we host.

One-to-one supervision can be accessed via our our colleagues who have completed their training for coaching supervision. Please see below for their contact details:

If you are interested in setting-up a peer supervision group, and would like help getting started, please contact us. Please also get in touch with us if you would like to discuss CPD and/or supervision, or require any further support.

Evaluating our work

As part of the Network, we expect you to evaluate the impact of your coaching relationships.

As well as completing ‘Part C’ of NEYLA’s coaching agreement/contract template, which provides an opportunity to review the relationship and outcomes, we also ask that you utilise our coaching evaluation form with every coachee (available to download from the CLIC website), sending completed copies to [email protected] for collation.

Please use your professional judgement with regards to the use of any other methods of evaluation, and please do share the results with us at [email protected]. We will ensure that we share useful evaluation tips and techniques with you via CPD and supervision sessions, and we would encourage you to do the same.

If you have any queries about the North East and North Cumbria Coaching Network or your membership, please contact us:


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