Compassionate leadership – event summary and an opportunity to join our community of practice

March 18, 2024

On Monday 11 March more than 240 health and care staff from across the North East and North Cumbria began their week with a powerful virtual event led by Professor Michael West.

Focusing on compassionate leadership for whole system working, Michael shared the compelling evidence-base to shift cultures in this way – how it can improve staff engagement, satisfaction, and retention, and ultimately result in better care and outcomes for the people who use services.

It is hoped that this event will be a catalyst for real change, and as such we will be working to build a leadership community of practice for the North East and North Cumbria to help foster psychological safety, a stronger relational approach, and to nurture safe spaces for innovation and improvement. If you would like to be involved in this moving forward, please contact us.


Those who joined the event were inspired by Michael’s description of courageous, fierce compassion and leadership, which unites individuals around a common cause. When this way of working is truly achieved, people, teams and organisations can lean towards difficulty, becoming more productive, effective, and innovative as a result. This is particularly important for collaboration – working across organisational boundaries and in partnership with communities.

During the session, there was some fantastic examples shared of where compassionate leadership is already happening within the North East and North Cumbria system. We are working to collate comments, reflections, and questions from the day, and will be sharing some further opportunities for learning in the coming weeks.

Take a look at the recording of the event below:


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