Neurorehab planning and progression day

February 23, 2024

Do you want more people to be able to access Neurorehab in the North East?
Do you want more options for people to be discharged to post brain injury and Neurorehab?
Do you want more community provision for people affected by a brain injury – both community rehab and specialist placements?
Do you want to be able to support people with a brain injury and their families/carers to access the right kind of treatment at the right time?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this opportunity is for you and you can make a difference. Please join the planning and progression day set for Thursday 7 March, 10:00am – 3:00pm, at Pemberton House (Sunderland). Lunch is provided.

In 2018 a group of likeminded individuals got together to look at the Neurorehab pathways in the North East. A small but diverse group headed up by Don Brechin got together and looked at ways to improve equity of access for patients to both inpatient and outpatient provision; look at the community services available and start to look at what would be needed to meet the diverse but unmet needs of this patient cohort and how could this be better provided for.

Much has happened since…

2019 – the community group which contained the HATS nurse at the time met regularly and without a budget tried to put Neurorehab on the map, simplify access to the pathways in existence and support the third sector to maximise their offering to those needing support post brain injury.

Late 2019 and 2020 – COVID stopped much of the action on this front but working away behind the scenes work was still being completed to drive progress forward. An audit at James Cook came to life created by Jenna Moffitt and Don Brechin widely supported by wards and teams within James Cook. This provided hard evidence about the gaps in provision across Neurorehab in the North East – lost bed days, delayed discharges, no community provision, referrals not possible to make because the clinical teams didn’t exist, commissioned services not operational.

The South Tees CCG were made aware of this and credit to them they listened. They supported and they asked for help to really look at the picture across their footprint. A day was put together to include patients and service users and the data gathered from this further piece of work and others; the CCG continued to listen. They involved the clinical teams across the region and they didn’t shy away from what they heard. The put forward the recommendations they heard to the board of Directors of the CCG and they acknowledged that change was needed.

The CCG changed to an ICB, and in 2023 they asked the same people and more to help them look at 6 areas of identified need in more detail and 6 task and finish groups were created which ran for 6 months. 40 recommendations were created and submitted to the ICB board and again they listened. They agreed that these recommendations were valid and asked for actual working plans to create change.

And this is where the team are now… working on plans to support change. There isn’t an endless pot of money or a magic wand… but the right people are listening and there is an opportunity to make change happen.

You are needed… please come along.



Pemberton House, Colima Avenue Sunderland Enterprise Park Sunderland, SR5 3XB

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